Dahua Statement on Grey Channels

Dear Valued SecuSafe Customers,

SecuSafe Pty Ltd, being an authorized distributor and valued partner of Dahua Technology Pty Ltd, must inform our customers about the current actions taken against unauthorized sales of the Dahua “Grey Market” products. These “Grey Market” products are products sold through unauthorized channels and suppliers, and they are selling counterfeit, used, modified and or damaged products. This needs to be fully understood, so as to safeguard SecuSafe customer’s legal rights and financial interests.

SecuSafe have been informed that all new Dahua recorders have been upgraded to an increased secured Firmware. With this new Firmware all “Grey Market” cameras will risk being blocked and not compatible with the recorders. Both “Grey Market” recorders and cameras will thus be made redundant as they will become unusable and unsupported devices! The “Grey Market” products sold by unauthorized suppliers have been altered in various ways, meaning that they may be unsuitable for Australian conditions and may be non-compliant with Australian Standards. These “Grey Market” products have no factory warranty or support.

Dahua Australia has made it very clear to SecuSafe that they will be using all the regulatory and legal channels at its disposal to stop this “Grey Market”. These products are damaging the reputation of Australia’s security. It affects everyone, especially those installers who have not been made aware that they are inadvertently supporting potentially dangerous products sold by unauthorized channels. We are also able to trace all serial numbers and products back to their original source and cut those dealers out of the authorized network.

SecuSafe stresses to all their valued customers to consider all the risk in purchasing these “Grey Market” Dahua products. Knowingly selling Dahua “Grey Market” products only will risk your company’s reputation and your customer’s trust in any future dealings, when selling an unsupported product of unknown origin. Not to mention that Dahua Australia have made it very clear that they will be working hard to stop all sales of “Grey Market” Dahua products here in Australia!

So with this knowledge, please understand that SecuSafe are your known safe authorized Dahua product distributor. We stand by the Dahua product that we sell, and fully support all our customers with both pre and after sales support. Thank you to all of our SecuSafe customers and know that your company will be stronger with the genuine Dahua Product!

Meanwhile, you’re kindly requested to contact us should you be contacted by those unauthorized distributors for the purchase of Dahua products. If you have further questions please contact us at sales@secusafe.com.au or Dahua Australia Customer Service at sales.oc@dahuatech.com

To download Dahua Official Statement, please click here