SecuSafe Introduces the Uniarch Mini Active Deterrence PTZ

Uniarch's 5MP Active Deterrence Mini PTZ [IPC-P1E5-AX4PKC] with 4X 2.8~12mm lens and LightHunter illumination technology provides peace of mind that your property, assets and personnel are covered, even in lower-light settings.

The compact body of Uniarch’s outdoor mini PTZ means it is more visually appealing and less obtrusive than standard PTZs. In fact, a would-be intruder may not even notice the camera until they trigger a camera response, say by entering an area they shouldn’t be in.

A trigger event can be programmed to cause the camera’s bright strobe light to flash red and blue, and an audio warning to be played over the camera’s speaker. Alternatively, you can have the light or the audio without the other active deterrent. In addition to the speaker, the camera has a built in microphone meaning it can be used for 2 way audio in commercial and personal applications.

Thanks to Uniarch’s LightHunter technology you can expect crisp, clear video footage at night owing to the powerful and smart infrared LEDs with an IR range of 50m. Don’t worry about the elements affecting your mini PTZ – the camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66 meaning the camera is protected from dust and other solid particles and has withstood powerful streams of water in stringent testing.

With an impressive list of features including the built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio, red and blue strobe light, integrated siren, auto-tracking, and smart intrusion prevention, this active deterrence mini PTZ may be the ideal addition to your surveillance system.

IPC-P1E5-AX4PKC is exclusive to SecuSafe and we encourage you to review the product information here. Get in touch with your local branch for more information by phoning 02 9649 4477 or emailing