SecuSafe Launches Dahua Distributed Display and Control Android Player box

The ability to display live and current product information is such a profitable advantage in any business. Shops want their available product specials beamed across display monitors, for all prospective customers to see. SecuSafe Pty Ltd is extremely excited to announce a product that will accomplish all this and much more! 

Introducing the Dahua DPB18-AI Distributed Android Media Player Box. Now available through SecuSafe Pty Ltd, the media player box is designed specifically for the advertising industry. Although this may be its primary function, SecuSafe wants to bring to your attention, other tasks that this device may be used for.

For advertising, as used in most shopping centres or malls, this device lends itself very well with the ability to display media on client’s screens. Financial institutions may use this device to display low-interest rates to customers or any new accounts that may be on offer at any given time. Some of your customers may require the ability to display the Time and Date along with the current weather forecast for their location. A building may have a fire escape plan displayed on all monitors during a fire.

The selling point for this product will be the ability to replace the old chalk or whiteboard that needs to be updated constantly with product pricing. The shop owner will be able to remotely update the media player box with any new information about their products almost instantly. The Player Media Box can be hardwired into the customer’s network, or it has Wi-Fi built-in for wireless convenience. The device is small and portable and in addition to the mentioned media formats will also support Audio, Text, PDF Document Display, IPC stream and many other multimedia information releases.

The device is operated under the Android OS; currently, the version is 5.1 or Android Lollipop, with a 4 core 64-bit processor. The ROM has 16GB of memory with 1GB of RAM, with the ability to have Scrolling Marquee. A 12Volt DC x 1Amp adapter, powers this device drawing a maximum of 4 Watts and 2 Watts standby consumption. The DPB18-AI comes complete with the power cord, power adapter, Wi-Fi antenna, user manual and a convenient remote control to update the displayed media locally.

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