SecuSafe receives official recognition from UNV Technologies as the national distributor for Uniarch in Australia

SecuSafe is pleased to be officially recognised as the National Distributor of Uniarch products from UNV Technologies. With the full support of Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co, SecuSafe now stocks Uniarch IP cameras, NVRs, full colour, tri-guard, active deterrent, accessories and more.

Since signing the exclusive distribution agreement for Uniarch in January 2022, SecuSafe has exceeded our own sales targets thanks to strong interest in Uniarch products from our customer base. The feedback from our customers has been positive, particularly concerning the design and value for money that Uniarch products present in the Australian market.

The SecuSafe team has been impressed at how swiftly the Uniarch technical team have actioned feedback from customers regarding their products and implemented solutions on firmware, mobile and PC applications. We also thank our Uniarch Account Manager, Anna Liu, for her unwavering support in building brand awareness and distribution channels.

SecuSafe Operational Manager, Rocky Naing is pleased with the take up of Uniarch products; "It’s impressive that so many of our partners and customers have embraced the Uniarch brand to gain peace of mind at a highly competitive price. For anyone who is interested in exploring Uniarch solutions, please contact us for a demonstration. I'm sure these products will exceed your expectations, especially given the price."

Uniarch is exclusive to SecuSafe; so get in touch with your local branch for more information. Phone us on 02 9649 4477 or email