Recently launched by SecuSafe, Uniarch’s state of the art Tri-Guard Series showcases easy-to-install, feature-packed cameras that combine ColorHunter Technology, Active Deterrence and Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) in one camera.

Integrating the ColorHunter Technology, 120dB true WDR technology and its exemplary low-light 1/2.7” (in 5MP turrets and 8MP bullets) - 1/2.8” (8MP in turrets) CMOS sensor, Tri-Guard cameras can deliver clear, detailed and colourful images in ultra-low light environments with a minimum illumination of 0.003 lux (0 lux with IR on). The camera also has two warm LEDs built-in that illuminate the environment and aid in producing colourful images – even at night.

Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) technology offers highly accurate target classification algorithms that can differentiate humans, motor-vehicles and non-motor vehicles while reducing false alarms caused by leaves, shadows, birds, lights and other motions. This classification algorithm can be set up for cross-line, intrusion, and enter area/leave area detection events. As the SIP is triggered, the camera can be linked to its sound alarm through its built-in speaker and its built-in LED light to act as an active deterrence camera. Users can also implement their own custom sound files to configure sound alarms based on requirements.

The active deterrence settings can be configured in three modes: 

  • IR mode: Camera only uses IR light at low-light; when SIP is triggered, sound alarm is generated and warm LEDs flash. 
  • Warm light mode: Camera uses the built-in LED light at low light and images are seen in colour; when SIP is triggered, sound alarm is generated

  • Dual-light mode: Camera uses IR light at low-light; when SIP is triggered, both the LED light turns on and sound alarm is generated

Apart from the main features, the camera also has a built-in mic for two-way full duplex remote communication; Ultra 265/H.265/H.264 compression to provide longer recording and lower bandwidth usage for remote viewing and playback; 9:16 corridor mode to reduce the proportion of blank walls in picture; IP67 rating for ingression protection; Micro SD support up to 256GB for edge storage; compliance to ONVIF (Profile S, Profile G, Profile T) for maximum compatibility with third parties.

The Tri-Guard series is available in 5MP and 8MP turret versions in both black and white, and also in 8MP white bullet version. All models are fully metal bodies and exclusive to Secusafe; so get in touch with your local branch for more information. Phone us on 02 9649 4477 or email:

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